1. Shri Asharfi Bhavan (Head Peeth), Ayodhya
The principal centre of all the branches location for communications and consultations; abode of Revered Swami Shridharacharyaji.
2. Shri Anadibramha Sanskrit Vidhyalaya, Ayodhya
Sanskrit- Rituals-Grammar- Literature- Vedapathshala (school imparting education inVadas)
3. Shri Madhusudan Nishulka Chatravas (Free Hostel), Ayodhya
Accommodation, boarding, clothing and education is provided free of cost to the poor, orphaned and helpless children.
4. Shri Madhusudan Dharmasetu Trust, Ayodhya
An 80-G Trust which is a Body free from Income Tax levied by the Government of India, meant for public welfare activities i.e. to say those giving donations are entitled to rebate in income tax.
5. Shri Shanti Bhavan, Rayganj, Ayodhya
An old Ashram, abode of the saints
6. Shri Sitaram Mandir, Kahtarva – Shivhar- Bihar
A temple built by Bade Maharaj Shri
7. Akhil Bhartiya (All India) Shri Hanuman Aradhana Mandal- Bihar
A society promoting social harmony, understanding and love
8. Shri Madhav Goushala, Ayodhya
A body taking care of cows
Under Construction:
Shri Madhav Atithi Nivas (Guest House)
Construction of rooms having modern facilities in memory of revered Swami
Shri Madhavacharyaji Maharaj
  Shree Asharphi Bhavan,
  Ayodhya - 224 123,
  Faisbad, Utter Pradesh.
  Mob: 09455002777