* Tulsi Archana (worship)- Monthly :- Rs. 501
* Tulsi Archana - Annual :- Rs. 5100
* Cow Caring - Monthly :- Rs. 1100
* Cow Caring- Annual :- Rs.11000
* Student Fostering - Annual :- Rs.21000
* Sampurna Utsava Seva (Full Ceremony Service) :- Rs. 51000
* Life- long Membership Service :- Rs.1,21,000
* Worship- religious lessons- symposium- meal- community kitchen- tending of the cows will continue to be held annually for ever at the Ashrama on the birthdays and marriage anniversaries of the gentlemen who will be making a donation of Rs. 1,21,000. The interest accrued on this sum will be utilised for this purpose. Similarly the devotees will also be provided with the facilities of free accommodation, meal etc.
* The names of life-long members and the devotees contributing to the building of the rooms and flats will also be inscribed on the stones.
  Shree Asharphi Bhavan,
  Ayodhya - 224 123,
  Faisbad, Utter Pradesh.
  Mob: 09455002777