* To promote mutual brotherhood, love, affection and harmony in the family, society, country and the world as a whole through ‘Satsang’
(Holy Communion).
* To make the new generation healthy, educated and of sound conduct by making it well-cultured through Yoga and Satsang’
(Holy Communion).
* To render help to the poor, orphaned and the needy in meal, habitation and education.
* To awaken the inner- self of the masses through religious discourses.
* To awaken the masses to the heavy changes caused in the nature due to pollution in India and the world and mitigate the effects of pollution through planting of trees.
* To make one and all physically and mentally healthy through Yoga, sermons and fables (stories giving moral lessons)
* To uphold Indian culture – the knowledge of Sanskrit (Sanskrit Vidhya) and the knowledge of Indian Vedas (religious scriptures) by visiting Veda Vidhyalayas (schools imparting knowledge of Vedas) and providing accommodation, clothing, food, education etc. free of cost to financially incapable talented pupils.
* To promote love, affection and brotherhood within the families, societies and the nations across the world through Bhagvat Katha, Shriram Katha, Goda Katha,Gita Upnishadas and religious sermons
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